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Greening Bay Cottages Ice Fishing Lake Nipissing Ontario

Contrary to popular belief, the North is not derivative of freezing cold. There is no better scenery than the North during the winter months. Especially if you're ice fishing!! The camaraderie alone is enough to bring people outdoors to experience Lake Nipissing in the throws of winter. Greening Bay Cottages


Fishing Nipissing

The name Lake Nipissing means "big water" in the Algonquin language. Lake Nipissing is the fifth-largest lake in Ontario, excluding the great lakes and covers 873 square km. Located in Ontario's Near North 50 km northeast of Georgian Bay, the lake runs in an east-west direction to a length of 80 km. It is relatively shallow (about 30 ft in most places) and is consequently well aerated, which leads to an abundance of healthy plant and fish life. Dozens of rivers and streams drain into Lake Nipissing, the largest being the Sturgeon River, Wasi River and South River. The French River, which outlets from its southwest end, drains into Georgian Bay. Lake Nipissing has many islands with numerous sport fishing lodges and resorts dotting the main shoreline, they can also be found on several of Nipissing's many islands.

Lake Nipissing contains over 40 different species of fish. The prime game fish sought by anglers are the walleye or pickerel. They are so plentiful in this lake that catching your limit is considered a bad days fishing. Other species that are abundant are northern pike, smallmouth & largemouth bass, yellow perch, muskellunge, whitefish & cisco. Lake Nipissing is also the ice-fishing capital of the north. With over 1,800 ice-fishing huts on the lake, anglers enjoy the best winter fishing in Ontario.

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Ice Fishing Regulations for Ontario   »  The fishing regulations outlined in the General Fishing Regulations, the Division/Species Tables, and the "Exceptions to the General Regulations" apply to ice fishing. Please note the following additional information: Let's Ice Fish Ontario!

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Canada ice fishing lodges, resorts, and outfitters guide for a great Canadian winter ice fishing.

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Cosy Cove Cottages & Ice Huts

Cosy Cove Cottages & Ice Huts  »   »   »   Fishing is always an adventure at Cosy Cove Cottages. Lake Nipissing is one lake in Ontario where ice fishing is a way of life for the many ice fishing anglers that flock to Lake Nipissing year after year. We are the "HOT SPOT" on the south shore of Lake Nipissing. In the winter Lake Nipissing provides great ice fishing for walleye, jumbo yellow perch, northern pike, whitefish, burbot (ling) and herring. With our warm and cozy lake front housekeeping cottages for rent. Fantastic year round Nipissing fishing. Our ice fishing at Cosy Cove Cottages on Lake Nipissing offers transportation to wood heated ice fishing huts. Lake Nipissing is also the ice-fishing capital of the north. Call 1-877-424-0441

Ice Fishing Glen Echo Cottages Lake Nipissing OntarioIce Fishing Glen Echo Cottages Lake Nipissing Ontario

Ice Fishing Glen Echo Cottages  »   Located on the South Shore of Lake Nipissing in the channel to Callander Bay, Glen Echo Cottages has one of the most sheltered locations on Lake Nipissing in northeastern Ontario. Ice fishing at Glen Echo Cottages takes on a whole new meaning. Our ice fishing "BUNGALOWS ON THE ICE" offer a truly unique experience. You stay on the ice in our comfortable, fully equipped four and six man housekeeping bungalows. Each bungalow features propane heat, lights and stove as well as a table and chairs and a kitchen complete with pots, pans, dishes and utensils. We have even added a TV and a propane BBQ.

Ice Fishing Clarion Resort Lake Nipissing Ontario

Clarion Resort Pinewood Park   »   works with local Ice Fishing companies to offer an ice fishing experience. The accomodation package includes standard guestroom accommodation, dinner for two and breakfast for two at Pinewood Park Restaurant. $199.00 per night (based on double occupancy) (taxes not included) Please call to inquire about prices for ice fishing charters on Lake Nipissing. Ice Fishing Winter Getaway @ Clarion Resort Pinewood Park

Ice Fishing  with Fish and Game Getaways Lake Nipissing Ontario

Fish and Game Getaways   »   "Heated Ice Fishing Hut keeps you in comfort as you catch lunkers through the ice!" Ice fishing in the dead of winter can be quite uncomfortable! Howling winds, a bitter arctic cold front, and frozen extremities await you without some kind of ice fishing house. My ice fishing house lets you enjoy the great outdoors, friendships, AND good fishing conditions. Ice fishing has never been so comfortable!

Ice Fishing  Greening Bay Cottages Lake Nipissing Ontario

Greening Bay Cottages   »   offers various different ice fishing packages which consist of deluxe accommodations, transportation on and off the ice, and spacious heated ice huts. All ice fishing equipment is supplied and you are guaranteed never to run out of tip-ups. Although it is an extra charge, we have bait readily available and ensure you have plenty. For added comfort and convenience, we also supply a BBQ and washroom facilities on the ice.

Ice Fishing Ice Bungalows on Lake Nipissing Ontario

Ice Bungalows   »   Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Bungalows Stay OVERNIGHT in your own bungalow on the ice on Lake Nipissing south shore. 6 man ice fishing huts. Propane Furnace Propane Lights Cooking Pots, Dishes, Utensils and sink Full Size Table and Chairs Bunk Beds with Foam Mattresses Fully Insulated for Comfort (Including Floor) Private Toilet Facility with 24 Hour Heat and Light Fishing Lines Available (if required) Drilled 10" Holes Propane Barbecues are Available Upon Request Plowed Ice Road to Bungalows

Ice Fishing Idle Tyme Fishing Camp Lake Nipissing Ontario

Idle Tyme Fishing Camp   »   Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing in Ontario. Lake Nipissing is the "hottest" ice-fishing lake in Ontario. Walleye (Yellow Pickerel), Jumbo Perch, Whitefish and Northern Pike are all available and in really good numbers. Ice fishing packages includes ice hut, cottage and on-ice transportation. Ice fishing bait available at main hut. We have 10 ice-huts that hold 3-6 people. For ice-fishing, bring your sleeping bags, bath towels and dish towels.

Ice Fishing Promised Land Camp Lake Nipissing Ontario

Promised Land Camp   »   Superior ice huts with lots of space (8 x 12ft), propane furnace and Coleman cooking stove are waiting for you. Heated transportation is provided from your cozy and warm housekeeping cottage to our famous ice fishing spot, about 6 km out on Lake Nipissing. All lines and tip-ups are part of the ice fishing package and bait is available. Our outstanding service is unique and very much appreciated by our ice fishermen.

Ice Fishing  Robs Fishing Charter  Lake Nipissing Ontario

Rob's Fishing Charters   »   ICE FISHING AT ITS FINEST! Ice Fishing Bungalows. Experience Our 4 & 6 Person "ICE BUNGALOWS" Insulated Propane Heat, Stove, Lights & BBQ Table & Chairs Portable Toilet Facilities Bunk Beds Separate Ice Fish Cleaning Hut Water Transportation To & From Bungalows Lines & Holes OFSC Trails by the Door Weekend Ice Fishing Derby Bait Available

Ice Fishing  Lake Nipissing Ontario

Saenchiur Flechey   »   If ice fishing is your bag, the location is ideal. In the clean clear unpolluted water, you will find a wide variety of species including Muskie, Northern Pike Pickerel (Walleye) Bluegill and even Jumbo Yellow Perch! If you prefer ice fishing, we have an excellent spot at a walking distance from your cabin. If you prefer ice fishing, we have an excellent spot within a walking distance from your cottage. Season runs from January 1st to beginning of March.

Ice Fishing  Sunbeam Bungalows  Lake Nipissing Ontario

Sunbeam Bungalows   »   Ice fishing Getaways @ Sunbeam Bungalows. Great ice fishing in northern Ontario on Lake Nipissing. Lake Nipissing is world renowned for its ice fishing. Come and join us for a winter ice fishing adventure in northern Ontario. Transportation will be provided to and from large heated ice fishing huts. Holes drilled in and outside and drop lines for your use. Minnows also provided to get you started. At the end of the day, return to warm, clean, deluxe 2 and 3 bedroom cottages.

Ice Fishing  Sunbeam Bungalows  Lake Nipissing Ontario

West Nipissing Resort   »   Lake Nipissing is home for West Nipissing Resort. Ice Fishing Hut Rentals Ice Fishing Huts available to fish from. They have a wood stove to chase away the cold. Sit, relax and take in the winter landscape and when done take your ice fishing catch back to the chalet and cook up your fresh catch or enjoy a fish fry at the the ice fishing hut. Ummmm... delicious!!!

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It’s time to go fishing on Lake Nipissing in Ontario Canada!


Twas the Night Before First Ice

By Nick Simonson

Twas the night before first ice, and all through the lake,

Not a fish had been stirring, not even a splake.

The buckets were filled with my rods and my tackle,

In hopes that the perch would like jigs trimmed with hackle.

The tip-ups were strung with nylon and leaders,

To deal with the teeth of big predator feeders.

The minnows were purchased and set on the steps,

The Vexilar charged to read various depths.

When out under the ice there arose such a clatter,

I sprang into my coveralls to assess the matter.

In the dark to the pickup I flew like a flash,

And drove to the station to fill the auger with gas.

The full moon on the breast of the new-frozen water,

Meant the ice-season action could not get much hotter.

Alone toward the lake I started to steer,

Soon the roar of the auger was all I could hear.

Setting tip-ups and jigging on the ice all around,

Searching for fish like a veteran bloodhound.

More rapid than lightning to my baits they came,

I hooted and hollered and called them by name.


Come, RAINBOW and YELLOW PERCH and you don’t have to stop-pie!

To the treble of tip-up,

to the jig or the spoon!

Now bite good and hard and I’ll be here past noon!

The excitement, the passion, the fins and the tails,

Impossible to measure with rulers and scales.

The colors of fishes of varying size,

The wonder of nature that lit up my eyes.

And then, in an instant, I set the hook hard,

I looked down and saw her - she must measure a yard!

In gold and silver and tipped with white,

She promised to battle me into the night.

Rolling and twisting with her strength she did brag,

As from my reel she pulled on the drag.

I cranked and it squealed as her head neared the hole,

Grabbing her quickly, I achieved my goal.

Her eyes - twinkling silver,

her gills how they flared,

Sharp curved white teeth,

her pointy mouth bared.

I unhooked the spoon with a twist of my plier,

And gazed at a walleye anyone would admire.

Better suited she was for story than plate,

Watching her swim away,

I had to feel great.

To let free such a whopper to catch one day again,

Is a thing that is done by the greatest sportsmen.

In the picture I took she was preserved for all,

And the photo was enough for me to hang on the wall.

The sun was then setting, and the day felt complete,

To the truck I went packing with snow at my feet.

Though cold all around and night beginning to fall,

I was warmed with a memory that could top them all.

As I drove away, the lake leaving my sight,

I thought long and hard of that day and that night.

And the next time I’m bothered with everyday chores,

I’ll just remember this time, spent in... our outdoors.

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